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Rabbit Food, Treats, and Supplies
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Generation Browns
Brown’s Family Reunion
Fourth Generation
Third Generation - Clay, Morris, Emmett, & George Brown
First Generation - George Braun
Sixth Generation
The original grist mill.
Fourth and Fifth Generation - Harvey and his daughters (Sue, Marianne and Linda)
Mary Kessler Brown, Morris Brown and their sons Morris, Harvey and Franklin
Fourth (Harvey Brown), Sixth and Seventh Generation
Second Generation- George and Franklin Brown with Ruth, Alton and Harold Brown
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Generation Browns
Seventh Generation
Second Generation- Franklin and Alice Brown
Fifth Generation - Marianne Brown and her son, Austin, who is the sixth generation
Third Generation - Clay, George, Emmett and Morris Brown
Fourth (Harvey Brown), Sixth and Seventh Generation
First Generation - Jonathan Braun (Harvey’s Great Great Grandfather)
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Generation
Kathryn Elizabeth Brown and Emmett Brown with baby Kathryn

Family Owned and Operated Since 1871

Our corporation reflects our old-fashioned values along with an unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality pet, wild bird and pigeon products; seed and seeding supplies; flour for the snack industry and farm animal feeds.

Food, Treats, and Enrichment

Food and Feeders

Food, Treats, and Supplies

Food and Grit

Food and Treats

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Truth in the Name!

Brown's Bird Lover's Blend Chickadee Nuthatch Wild Bird Food

We bought a new house on a former base. Not a lot of trees, or songbirds. I heard a chickadee, so I bought a feeder and this mix. Hung it in our apple tree. They came! They feasted! One chickadee has claimed us as his and will vocally defend his feeder. Haha.