Tropical Carnival®Pet Bird Food & Treats

Nutrition is the foundation of your bird’s life!

Tropical Carnival® Natural Parrot & Macaw Fortified Daily Diet

Brown’s® Tropical Carnival® Pet Bird Food & Treats are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Proper nutrition is the primary focus of all great diets, but don’t forget about palatability. You don’t enjoy bland, boring food, even if it is good for you… and neither do your birds. Feeding time is a very important part of your pet’s day and it presents an opportunity to form a positive bond between you and your bird. That is exactly why we formulated Tropical Carnival® Foods and Treats into a perfect combination of yummy and nutritious. Tropical Carnival® Original Gourmet Food was launched 20 years ago, particularly for people who really love their birds and are willing to invest in their nutritional health and life enrichment. We have a variety of products under the Tropical Carnival® banner including the Tropical Carnival® Original Gourmet Food and Treats and Tropical Carnival® Natural Gourmet Food and Treats. People always ask us, “How do I choose what’s best for my bird?” Let’s explore our line of Tropical Carnival® products and find the foods and treats that best fit your personal values and beliefs as well as your pet’s nutritional needs.

Tropical Carnival® Original Bird Food

The Original Gourmet Food & Still the Best!

Our gourmet food is specifically formulated for the daily dietary and life enrichment needs of pet birds. In their natural environment, foraging instincts compel birds to seek out a variety of ingredients and foods. That is why Tropical Carnival® Original food is jam-packed with a medley of exotic delicacies most sought out by birds in their natural environments. Each bite provides a variety of nutritional benefits along with delicious ZOO•VITAL® Biscuits that contains vitamins, nutrients and probiotics for the overall well-being of your bird.

Tropical Carnival® Original Treats For Birds

These gourmet treats are exceptional snacks for extraordinary birds, whatever their size. Each treat is unique and promotes tons of fun and interactive activities for you and your bird to enjoy together. They also provide a great way to reward your pets during training, or just because you love them.

Your pet will find our Tropical Carnival® Original treats enticing, irresistible, nutritious and fun to eat!

Tropical Carnival® Natural Bird Food

Who Says Natural Has to Be Boring?

When we made the decision to develop a natural diet for pet birds, we first examined all of the natural pet foods in the market place and found them to be bland and boring. We imagined our version of natural to be more interesting, exciting and appealing to bird’s sense of taste and curiosity. So, we included natural, unique ingredients such as colorful flowers, luscious fruits and farm fresh healthy vegetables. We did not want to duplicate our original Tropical Carnival® Gourmet line of foods, so we went to the ends of the earth, again, to find new and exciting ingredients for our natural line of gourmet foods.

Tropical Carnival® Natural Treats For Birds

Tropical Carnival® Natural Treats are simply irresistible! This line of treats is filled with wholesome seeds, grains, fruits, veggies, peanuts, herbs, and marigold flowers. It is bursting with flavors and textures your bird will love to eat. Containing no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives our treats are naturally delicious. They are nutritious, fun to eat, and help to relieve cage boredom.

Tropical Carnival® Millet Spray

Tropical Carnival® Natural Spray Millet is grown and harvested in the USA and France. It’s an excellent daily treat for domestic pet birds. Birds love spray millet because it’s rich in carbohydrates and protein. This highly-palatable nutritious treat and supplement can be enjoyed daily! Your birds will find this treat simply irresistible.