Garden Chic!®

Fill your garden with wild birds eager to enjoy these amazing treats.

Garden Chic!® Mealworms

Mealworms are the perfect natural food, eagerly accepted and prized by a variety of wild birds. They’re great for chickens too!

Garden Chic!® specialty line of wild bird products contains convenient and easy-to-use instant feeders, seed and suet cakes for year-round feeding, hummingbird nectar, and more!

Suet Cakes

Our suet cakes, hermetically sealed for freshness and no leaks, are made with pure, fresh suet mixed with a variety of seeds, real nuts and fruits. Designed for year-round feeding, they provide essential energy and fat for hard winter months and nesting birds in the spring. They all fit into our easy load wire feeding basket.

Seed Cakes

Brown’s® has developed the ultimate gourmet seed cakes in bird-specific blends. They’re filled with real fruit, nuts, seeds, and blended with pure golden honey. They’re hermetically sealed to lock in freshness, making them ideal for year-round feeding. Convenient to use and easily fitting into our wire baskets, Garden Chic!® Seed Cakes reduce mess and last longer than loose seed.

Mealworms & Super Fly Grubs

They can be blended with your favorite seed mix or served alone as a treat. They’re great for backyard chickens too!

Feeders & Specialty Items

Complete your wild bird feeding station with Brown’s® Garden Chic!® instant thistle sock finch feeder and wire feeding basket. Discourage furry pests from eating out of your wild bird feeders with No Squirrels…Just Birds! Fire Mix, and attract hummingbirds with Brown’s® Garden Chic!® Hummingbird Instant Nectar.