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They Like the Treats Best


My little ones will not finish other products, only this one. I admit, they like the treats best, but they eat the pellets after attacking the treats. I have taught them to run around their bowl when they want more, then they stop and put their little hands on the edge of the bowl when I return it filled to their cage. Very cute, and they love f.M. Brown's.

DOGDAYFOREVER December 20, 2023

My Macaws Love This .


Great variety of bigger nuts

VYNESA EVERETT December 4, 2023

Now This is Macaw Food!


I live in the west where macaw's are not the norm, so finding food above cockatiel and small parrots is difficult. There's a nice variety of whole nuts consisting of walnuts, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts. There is also chunky papaya, pineapple and dates amongst the banana chips, seeds and kibble. The price here is great too, considering I originally found the tropical carnival at a big box pet store, where I paid 33% more for the large bag size. I'm considering putting this on auto-ship for more savings!

LINDA CURTIS December 2, 2023

Five Stars


Great for guineas.

MARY ACOSTA November 18, 2023

Great Parakeet Seed!


My 5 year old parakeet just loves this seed! ??

LILA November 16, 2023

Great Choices


My piggies love everything but the big green pellets. They always leave them. So does the rabbit.Lol

ANGIE NAVARRO November 7, 2023



Absolutely love this. I have a picky guniea pig who likes to waste his food. But with this he eats it all . I will definitely not buy any other brand but this

ALYSSA D. October 18, 2023

Our Pigs Love It!


Both of our guinea pigs absolutely love this stuck. A lot of variety from just the normal pellets.

TONY R. October 16, 2023



My pig refuses to eat any other kind but this one. She is so picky.

ROBERTA GREEN September 15, 2023

The Bird Loves This Seed


The bird loves this seed

GAG September 9, 2023

Only Food Our Mccaws Will Not Waste.


If your mccaw throws most of its food (and your money) on the ground. Try this brand. It might seem be a bit more in price, but will be cheaper in the long run as they eat everything. We have had our two mccaws for over thirty years and have tried I would imagine every brand on the market. Never had the success we have with this product. Thanks fm browns.

SUSAN PACACCIO September 7, 2023

Great but.......


Really happy with the food. This is added as a treat with a mix of fresh fruits and veggies. My biggest concern is with the peanuts in the shell. From what I understand they can harbor mold that can be harmful to birds. It is pretty easy to pick through and pull the shelled peanuts and toss them. I know they would probably be ok but why take the chance imho.

J. S August 26, 2023

My Guinea Pig Loves This Stuff


Highly recommend it

FELIX GARCIA August 19, 2023

Great, Yummy, Variety of Seeds and Food


My pigs loved this food! The mix is great. My 2 piggies won't eat pellets very much at all, but love the seeds and "Cereal" or stuff that looks like dry cat food. With the other foods, we had tons left over in their bowl and usually knocked all over the cage floor too. With this food, their bowls are cleaned out every time!

JENN ALEX August 16, 2023

My Guineas Love It!


My piggies love this food! I mix it up with bits of lettuce here and there and they go crazy for it! It is their fav. Food. I have tried other brands but they love this one so much! The size of the seeds and bananas are big, so my guineas tend to get full easily and then they enter a food coma lol

BUDDY VERA August 3, 2023

Snickers Loves It


He gets a small handful every day, and he gets excited when he hears stuff going into his bowl. I give him the hay and the fresh foods not in the bowl, and he loves those, too, but I figured I'd give him a commercially prepared food, as well, to make sure he's getting better variety in his diet. It smells a little fruity when you open the bag, and snickers runs to his bowl, so I guess that's the best combination of endorsements I can give. He likes it much more than the kaytee food I was giving him, but the kaytee food doesn't have so many colors and smells. Its just sort of greyish looking. I don't give him a lot because I don't want him to get too fat, but he does pretty well on what he gets. Btw, you should know I am not an experienced guinea pig owner. I got snickers last december (about 6 months ago) because the 13 year old girl who had him didn't want to have to take care of him. He's a lot more fun than I thought he'd be, lives in the kitchen where he can look hopefully at me through his cage bars when I'm preparing foods, and he eagerly takes a piece of cucumber or kale or a grape tomato or strawberry or something and runs and eats it, then comes back looking hopeful for more. He's adorable, and I'm glad to give him this carnival food that he likes.

DR. E. CARTER June 18, 2023

Guinea Pigs Love This!


I've given my guinea girls many different kinds of kibble over the years and this is by far their favorite. They squeek and squawk with delight at feeding time. There is no waste- they like everything in it. It is much cheaper to get it from amazon than from a local store. And, with subscribe and save, I don't worry about running out.

TALON April 25, 2023

Good Variety of Food


I really like this food for my bird. She enjoys receiving the large pecans and almonds. The only downside to this food is that these tiny little moths that come from inside the bag. They don't show up immediately but once the food's been open for a few days they start appearing. I think they hatch or something from the food itself. They are a nuisance more than anything. Overall, I have found this brand to be the best out there for macaws.

MISTY SALAZAR March 19, 2023



My guinea pigs devoured this stuff. They normally pass over and ignore their pellet-type foods until they get desperate enough. They attacked this stuff though.

KELLI March 8, 2023

Guinea Pig Approved!!


My two guinea pigs (meatball & marinara) love this blend of food. Lots of variety for them to forage through.

DAWNA BRYSON February 6, 2023

My Guinea Pigs Love It!


They love the tropical mix! Highly suggest it as there were no problems with the bag or uncleanliness.

SAMANTHA February 5, 2023

Clyde Approved!


Clyde the guinea pig approves of his tropical feast.

HARRY PARKER January 24, 2023

Parakeets Love This!


My two parakeets love this food...Have been on it for a while.As soon as I refill,they gobble it up.Smells good too.Fruity.

LISAM January 12, 2023

One of the Better Mixes I Have Found


Reasonable Price ... One of the better mixes I have found and a reasonable price. We used to own a parrot rescue and a lot of birds came in on cheap mix blends that mostly had small filler seeds and a lot of sunflower seeds. This blend is way healthier then most of the blends on the market. We mix this with zupreem slowly adding more zupreem over time until the parrots are on at least a 50/50 mix of the two. Our personal pets eat a 3/4 zupreem and 1/4 f.M. Brown's tropical carnival as well as fresh fruits and veggies 3x's a week. We have 3 blue and golds and 2 umbrella cockatoo's. With this product all of the birds we have fed it to "Throw out" very little and parrots can be picky. Every single blend on the market has something in it that someone is going to complain about. This one has the least amount of complaints for the large amount of variety that it offers your bird. If you are currently using a cheaper mix that is loaded with sunflower seeds and small filler seeds that your bird probably doesn't bother eating then please consider this: if you have less waste that your bird isn't eating then you'll probably be paying the same amount of $ for a healthier mix because your bird probably won't throw as much out. - just a thought

KINDLE CUSTOMER January 10, 2023

My Guinea Pigs Love It


My guinea pigs

VALERIE December 25, 2022

Lots of Variety


Parakeets do not eat the big pieces so there is a lot of waste!

SUSAN BOSLEY December 20, 2022

Happy Fur Babies!!


Our furry pigs love this stuff

AMYSGREAT December 19, 2022

Price and Product.


Excellent price and product, fresh.

HARRISON POLLACK December 10, 2022

Jakie My Fussy Macaw Likes This!


Since I'm not able to get out I really rely on ordering online. My macaw jakie is so picky when it comes to her food she turns her nose up to just about everything. When I opened the bag I knew right away that jakie was going to like this. There is such a variety of good things in the bag that not only did jakie like it, but willow & maxie my african greys loved it too & so did cricket my african senegal! They all loved the tropical carnival big bites!! I am so impressed with this product I will be buying it again!

FLOWERGAL November 16, 2022

Five Stars


My dackie loves this good food

DEBORAH November 14, 2022

Browns Tropical Large Bird Food


Price was great

GLORIA October 15, 2022

My Parakeets Love This Food!


This is my babies favorite foodskies!

JESSICA MOORE September 6, 2022

My Bird Only Eats This Food


Good product

JOHN G. August 27, 2022

Good Product


Our guinea pig really likes the fruit in this. She is just finicky and doesn't like pellets, so I wish I could find some without the pellets. Good value for the amount you receive.

JESSICA HORTON August 26, 2022

Guinea Pig Food 🙂


The guinea pigs love this! The fur ball had an empty bowl & faced the bowl chirping loudly till we came in with the bag. Once we filled his bowl he was a happy boy...He loves this! I'll obviously buy this again since he can't even have an empty bowl of it before he gets verbal on us. It has pellet food mixed in with other treats so you don't have to purchase separate bags & food items which gives him great variety in his diet before we give his fresh foods. This was a great buy! Hope this review helped!

JENNIFER August 24, 2022

Grandma Approved


The pigs, when they we're little and now as adults, love this stuff! Unfortunately my daughter has asked me to stop buying because the seeds can get stuck in the piggies mouth and they're not going to let us take it out. But I sneak some in their food dish when she's not looking.

JANENE JONES August 17, 2022

I Think This Has a Good Variety Mixed in


I worked at a bird store where we mixed several foods togetherto make specialized blends for different sized birds. I think this has a good variety mixed in. My macaws enjoy it. I also mix this with goldenfeast caribbean bounty and higgins sunburst for macaws. I also give my birds fresh fruits and veggies everyday as well, as this is needed for their diets. Overall, this is a pretty good mix of pellets, nuts, and dried fruits and veggies.

STEPHANIE August 12, 2022

Wonderful Good Food for Your Guinea Pig!


Our guinea pig loves this chow, and there's more variety in the types of dried fruit and the nutrient cookies along with the high quality pellets.

AMAZON CUSTOMER August 5, 2022

Pigs Love It but It is Expensive


It is piggy crack. They go nuts for it. Only reason I dropped a star is because of price. It is very expensive. I started making my own mix that they like too.

S. MONTALVO June 25, 2022

My Piggy's Favorite


I always like to try different foods for my little miss piggy (guinea pig). But, I keep coming back to brown's carnival! She seems to really eat this stuff up. And I like the fact it has many different treats and foods for nutrients in it. This along with organic spinach and I have the world's oldest piggy I think! She's 8 years old 🙂

BUFFY B June 23, 2022

Love This Food


My guinea pig loves this. What a great price! Fast shipping.

DONALD JOHNSON June 19, 2022

My birds were hungry and when I pulled the recent reorder of their favorite food - it was for hamsters or gerbils. Now with no way to return I have to reorder at my expense! Please be more careful the packages look very similar!

WENDY OLIVA June 16, 2022

Best Pig Food


My spoiled pig only wants this food. He loves it. Guinea pig approved.

KRISTEEN A. June 9, 2022

My Pigs Love It!


My two pigs love this food!

REGINGER May 17, 2022

Good Stuff


They really liked it.

SEAEYE May 14, 2022

Great Mixture for Guinneas


I love the variety of this mixture.I feel its more complete than just pellets.

SHEILEEN CARNEY April 15, 2022

After 23 Years, I Finally Found a Perfect Parrot Food.


This is by far the best parrot food/seed I have come across in the 23 years I've had an african grey. Wow. This is a substantial food for parrots, and looks just like in the picture, if not better. Lots of huge quality interesting chunky pieces, mixed with some smaller, but everything they could want. I have a nut cracker I put by his cage to help my grey with the gigantic nuts, just a little crack. I have never seen a parrot food with such quality ingredients, everything they have listed in the description is there. I ended up breaking up the bag into gallon storage bags, and as I emptied it, the entire bag was consistent with the variety of ingredients. There were no crumbs, so to speak. I highly recommend and will definitely be buying again. Oh and they are made in the usa. On a side note, I also recommend nutriberries, but they are super expensive. My african grey's favorite. April 14, 2018 update: okay, so from a human standpoint, I think this food rocks for parrots, it has such cool stuff in it. Unfortunately my silly spoiled african grey is damn picky, and isn't as willing to try new things. It's been two weeks now, and he is picking through the quality ingredients trying to find his nuts. He doesn't seem to be truly eating everything. That upsets me, because I know there is good stuff in this. It may be I fed him the wrong things for too long, that he doesn't know a good thing when it is right in his face. He still prefers his nutriberries, which are hard on the wallet.

RAINE March 5, 2022

Great Feed


Birds love it!

NOEL SOTO JR February 15, 2022

My Umbrella Cockatoo Loves This Stuff!


Has lots of good stuff for large parrots. My umbrella cockatoo doesn't throw much of it away. He eats it like there's no tomorrow! Nice big bag lasts a while, too.

DONNAC February 3, 2022




INFIDEL January 18, 2022

I Speak From Experience...


Its good food, I mean... Not that ive.. You know.. Tried it myself per say... Cough cough.. I like food like this rather than just giving my pigs the same boring pellets over and over.. Good mix of different things for your piggies to enjoy. Everyones pigs are different though, and there are some things in here that my pigs don't touch, so a little bit of it does end up going to waste. Otherwise its a pretty decent mixture at a comparable price.

SHUOINK January 8, 2022

Love This Food!


This is the only brand of guinea pig food I like to give my babies. Excellent mix. Its got a good variety of ingredients. Little more expensive than other brands but worth it. Happy piggies.

MELISSA P. December 15, 2021

My Macaw Loves This Food


My macaw loves this food he won't eat any of the other brands I tried. He is a very picky eater. I also like that I can find it cheaper here on amazon than at pet smart or petco.

LEE December 7, 2021

I Really Love This Brand


A lot of nutrients and vitamins for the guinea pigs that they need love

JOHNETTA GRANT October 12, 2021

I Recommend It


Great food! My piggies love it

JESSICA September 17, 2021

This Definitely Produces More Waste Than Strictly Pellets


My 20 year old blue and gold really likes this mix. I mix rowdybush into it but she generally picks out the rb. The biggest problem that I have is that there is a lot of filler chunks in there.. Peppers and things that she mainly just mouths a bit and then drops. This definitely produces more waste than strictly pellets, but my macaw eats more enthusiastically with this feed than strictly pellets. It's also very cost effective. The initial cost threw me, but it lasts us darn near 3 months. Like, almost exactly 3 months. And thats feeding it every day, although we do add in a bit of rowdybush and of course she gets fresh veggies and grains etc. So cost effective wise and bird enjoyment wise a++. Would just like a little less of the waste chunks.

ACHIEVEOBEDIENCE September 7, 2021

Lots of Treats, They Don't Eat Many Pellets


This stuff smells delicious. Guinea pigs love the treats but don't eat a lot of pellets. Searching for the best brand still

ACE ROCKOLLA September 1, 2021

She Likes It Ok but Loves the Other Kind You Sell


She likes it but loves the other flavored one, but you were out so had to get this

SANDY August 23, 2021

Guinea Pigs Love It


My guinea pigs eat it 7 days a wheek and love it.??

PEONY August 11, 2021

My Macaws Love This Product


I have a monthly subscription for f.M. Brown's. My macaws love this product, however, I am disappointed with this bag. It happened once or twice before, there are hardly any nuts, small or large in the bag, and lots of seeds and small stuff. I shook the bag thinking the nuts fell to the bottom, but no nuts. What to do? Since I can't send it back and get another bag that has everything it's supposed to have in it!

JACKIE August 7, 2021

The Pigs Love It


G pigs love this food I have purchased twice so far and will continue to purchase.

DEBRA F August 4, 2021

I Like It...


...But my guineas love it. I tried two brands prior to this, but the guineas would invariably leave one particular morsel in the bowl completely untouched. In this bag, everything seems to be to their liking, because they eat the whole thing, leaving nothing but crumbs in their bowl. On top of it being a hit with the guineas, I save nearly half off what the pet stores charge for this identical product. I will continue to buy this on amazon.

BOOK LOVER July 28, 2021

Cockatoo Friendly


My cockatoo loves this mix. Admittedly some of the nuts are a bit big for her but she happily uses them to throw at me. Good variety and first time I have seen her enjoy this much in a mix. Huge bag however so make room in your fridge.

DRAGONFLY July 25, 2021

My Little Guineas Love It!


Always a favorite with my guineas. Offers a variety of other foods along with the pellets to make them enjoy different tastes.

KMULLINS June 22, 2021



Our piggies really liked it. Will buy again.

ESASHA June 10, 2021

Some of the Treats in Here My Chinchilla Isn't the ...


Some of the treats in here my chinchilla isn't the biggest fan of. Wish there were packages of the raisins, cranberries and bananas only!

ABF2224 May 22, 2021



My guinea pigs love these. They can't get enough.


Five Stars


My chinchillas loves them

GISELLE CUTRONE April 20, 2021

Birds Love It


My parakeets love it

BRENDA TAYLOR April 13, 2021

Favorite Food for Guinea Pigs


This is my guinea pig favorite food he likes

DEBRA WILLIAMS March 24, 2021

Awesome Food, Hardly Any Waste--updated


Awesome food, hardly any waste. My macaws absolutely love it! This is an update: I was so happy with this food at first! Over the past few years though, I've noticed a major decline in the quality of the ingredients as well as the consistency from bag to bag. At first I thought they changed ingredients as different ones came in/went out of season, and that was great. As I started paying more attention, I've realized they are more and more cutting back on "The good stuff" and adding more crap!!! This last bag I received had tons of some kind of dried fruit I've never seen! I think it might be slices of pear???? Either way, there's way too much of it and even my "Mikey" doesn't want anything to do with it! The bag before that was the first time I've seen dried corn and this last bag was full of it! More sunflower seeds, dried peas and peanuts and less tree nuts, different kinds of dried fruits, etc. I honestly kept track, and literally, just under half of this last bag was waste!!!!! It's a shame because this was a great food; now it's parrot junk food and waste. Oh, did I mention the consistent price increase over the years? No bueno!

Quality Product and My Guinea Pigs Love the Treat.


My guinea pigs love the treat. A quality product

E HELLO P March 10, 2021

My Two Birds Love It!


I had bought this in the past. Both my parrots loved it. I made a mistake and bought a larger bag of a much more expensive brand.. It was horrible. No chunks of fruit, no nuts in the shell. The bird food litterally look like it had been put in a blender and chopped up. No large pieces for the birds to hold and almost just a fine grain. My birds would not touch the other food. This will be the only blend that I will ever purchase. Hands down, the best parrot food thst I have found!

P. HARRIS March 1, 2021

My 2 Pigs Love It


Great price and my 2girls loved it

DWAYNE MICHAEL February 27, 2021

Pigs Like This Mix


This food mix is the best I've purchased for my piggies. They like it best!

CHRIS January 27, 2021

My Piggies Love It.


My guinea pigs devour this stuff. They eat all of it and leave nothing behind. Great product.

TESS S December 22, 2020

Approved by My Pet Bunny


My bunny loves these treats.

M ELLIS December 4, 2020

Our Guinea Pigs Love These !!!


Our guinea pigs really enjoy these treats! The treats are a great size, and they even double as a great source of vitamin c (very crucial for guinea pigs). The package is re-sealable which is very helpful, and convenient. We will totally buy these again!!

LS November 28, 2020

Great Buy


There exactly as described and look in pic my guinea pigs love these

CRYSTAL T November 27, 2020

Their Favorite!


My guinea pigs favorite food ? They love the treasure hunt of pieces of variety.

KATIE GATES November 24, 2020

Guinea Pig Food


Has a good variety. The guinea pigs seem to like it.

MAIA TRUMBULL November 6, 2020

One of Two Foods That We Feed Our 15-16 Year Old Moluccan Cockatoo


We mix this in with (1) 20# bag of kaytee exact rainbow chunky food for parrots (kaytee exact rainbow food chunky for parrots, 20-pound bag, large ) each time we order. We found that our 15-16 year old moluccan cockatoo eats better when she can choose between the two foods. I particularly appreciate the variety of nuts and fruits that this brand has (though she won't touch the chili peppers) and the fact that sunflower seeds don't make up the bulk of the product.

SK November 1, 2020

Love This Stuff but Gosh Too Expensive.


Too expensive.

DEBRA RICCI October 25, 2020

Approved by All 4 of My Guinea Pigs


This is the only vitamin c supplement that all 4 of my guinea pigs will eat. Not only do I not have to give each cavvy a different supplement like I used to, but they all squeal and beg when they hear me open the bag, even the one who came from a home of neglect and is terrified of people.

LAURA October 6, 2020

Guinea Pigs Love It


Our guinea pigs love this food.

EL September 21, 2020

Gourmet Macaw Food


I owned and operated pet stores, selling parrots for over twelve years. I purchased several brands of high quality parrot food but to satisfy our macaws I would have to make my own blend, adding large nuts and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. I no longer have the stores but still own and care for parrots, including a fussy blue and gold macaw. F.M. Brown's tropical carnival macaw food is a fabulous blend of nuts with a good addition of dried fruits and a fair sampling of dried vegetables. I feed my birds fresh fruits and vegetables daily, so the addition of f.M. Brown's more than fill the nut requirement and my birds enjoy the crunchiness of the dried fruits and veggies. The large nuts eg walnuts, etc. Are more then the smaller parrots, african grays, can handle, but they are easy to fish out and toss to the macaws. My birds have gotten use to some of the seeds found in cheaper foods, eg. Sunflower and safflower seeds, so I make a 50/50 blend of cheap parrot food with the f.M. Brown mix. Any seed not eaten is thrown out to the wild birds. Blending the seed in this way makes it affordable to give my birds this gourmet blend of fresh seeds and dried fruits and veggies.

ECBEL September 7, 2020

Taste is Everything


This product was wonderfully packaged, very fresh looking! I was totally impressed. One bad thing however, my african gray did not like anything but the seeds & peanuts, so for me it turned out to be a waste of good money and wonderful dry fruit!! Looked consumable even for humans lol! Couldn't figure that one out; left me dumbfounded! Hmm guess I'll have to keep shopping around.

FINETHINGS September 3, 2020

Great Food, Excellent Price


Was delivered right on time and at a much better price than I can get at the local pet store especially since they only supply the small bags now. I also like the convenience of getting at my front door. I have a pair of african gray congos, a scarlet macaw and a patagonian conure and all love the food. I also use fresh food and nutriberries that I also purchased through amazon.

KERRIE ANN August 20, 2020

My Birds Love It!


My three macaws love it!

BARBARA A JULIEN July 27, 2020

The Birds Love It!


The product was as advertised, the birds are loving it

ROBERT CONRAD July 26, 2020

Guinea Pigs Love This Food!!


We have bought 3 or 4 different brands and combinations of guinea pig food since getting our 2 pets and they went crazy over this food. I will definitely keep buying this. They like it so much they almost fight over who eats first. The bag has a good variety of food and high nutrients for our babies so I know if we don't get them as much supplemental fruits and veggies they are still eating well. Shipping is great. Item was packed well and came in 2 days from the order being placed. The price is low compared to some other brands and it's a good sized bag.

Great Guinea Pig Food


Great guinea pig food that she loved, but it's no longer available on subscribe and save. Oh well.

WESIXCOOKS June 25, 2020

Best Food for Your Critters, Trust Me I'm a Vet Lol


This is the best food I have ever seen for critters ,love that they are taking more time to learn about animal diets and creating food specially formulated to specific pets ,good job guys

KEITH June 22, 2020

Good Healthy Variety for My Macaw


Mix this with my mccause pellet food for variety he loves it when it opens up the bag he starts hollering you can smell it. Thank you for his happiness.

KATE June 19, 2020

Beep, Beep, Beeeeeep! ("This is Yummy!")


So Says My Piggies! -- They love this stuff!!

TSR June 18, 2020

Fantastic Guinea Pig Food!!!


My finicky guinea pigs love this food and only this dry food! It smells good - very fruity - and has lots of colorful chunks of dried fruits. It has nice little crunchy bits in different colors and shapes, along with the hay pellets. I tried a lot of different bagged foods before finding this one - all three of my guinea pigs love it and I have been buying it from the same seller for almost four years now. This is a fantastic base food for your piggies - just add nice timothy hay and fresh fruits and veg for a complete, healthy guinea pig diet.

BRANDE WOOD April 2, 2020

Great Mix! Better Price!


Our macaw really likes this food. She doesn;t care for the dried peppers, but she loves everything else in it. The first time I bought this was at petco and it was like $79 for one bag so the price on amazon is much better and it comes to my doorstep, saving me a trip to the store. Very nice! The mixture always seems to be consistent. I have not had any bags full of seeds and no nuts like some others have stated, and we have bought it many times now. It lasts me about 3 months for my blue and gold macaw, so about $13.50 a month to feed her isn't bad at all.

TOMMY V. March 24, 2020

Guinea Do Eat It


Guinea pigs like to eat it! They do leave several of the things they don't like to the side. It would be great if there was less stuff in here to keep it simple and healthy for the guinea pigs.

LUI March 5, 2020

This is One of My Guinea Pig's Favorite Things!


She Thinks She Has to Have Some ... This is one of my guinea pig's favorite things! She thinks she has to have some sprinkled-on top of every meal for it to be complete.

RAUCHELL February 25, 2020

Too Many Peanuts for the Price


It's a good mix for the most part (love the peas!). I wish I could attach a decent picture so you could see the incredible amount of peanuts - which are only $15 for 5# elsewhere on this site. I also wish the fruit looked as fresh as in the picture. My cags are peanut-crazy so this works and I love the variety in the mix. But, packaging in a more rigid fashion (cat litter boxes) might alleviate the dirty, smooshed look of the contents. Bulk-warehoused bird food is the culprit, and a trade-off for such a good price.

CHARSTOY February 22, 2020

She Really Seems to Like It and ...


Obviously, not something I've actually tried. Also, not even my guinea pig... But daughter's guinea pig had been turning up her nose at pellets of all types, so we tried this in desperation. She really seems to like it and even eats the pellets out of the mix. I'm calling it a win! Update; second bag, guinea pig still happy, healthy, eating like....Well...Like a pig, growing like a weed, as well.

S. BAXTER January 1, 2020

Great Variety!


Loved the variety!

BRIAN November 6, 2019

A Good Buy


My pigs love it

RED October 24, 2019

Great Food for Guinea Pigs


I have six guinea pigs and they can be very picky about food. This food seems to be their favorite, and I've tried many different kinds. They completely empty the bowl with this kind. With others they would only eat parts of it. I like that their is a variety of fruits and other things in it that I can see clearly, big chunks. They especially love the pumpkin seeds.

CHELSEA SCIUTO October 20, 2019

Rabbit Food


Product met our exceptstions. I believe it is cheaper at walmart

SOPHIA October 14, 2019

The Best Macaw Food Around


My blue and gold macaw, who is a picky eater loves this diet. Therefore, because he is happy, I am happy. He is a 34 year old bird that I have had since he was a wee little critter and is a permanent member of our family of a horse, two great danes, 4 cats and approximately a dozen jungle fowl.. .. Quite a family, I must say. I was delighted when I found f. M. Brown's tropical carnival macaw diet on amazon and have it as part of my subscriptions. Rio loves the diet; I love the convenience of amazon's subscriptions and automatic delivery. Brown's and amazon are my heros

ROBERT October 6, 2019



My chinchilla is a happy camper

CHRISTINE September 25, 2019

Great Diet for a Guinea Piggy


We had 7 piggies and they all loved this food!

STEPHANIE HUGHES September 5, 2019

Our Chinchilla Absolutely Loves This Food!


Our chinchilla absolutely loves this food. We typically use the same brand but I wanted to give her a change of pace but was concerned she would reject it. Nope eats all of it and it's healthy too!

DUNHILL1964 August 25, 2019

My Guinea Pig's Favorite!


My guinea pig is not a very picky fellow and he's very easy to feed, but when I served him this he showed excitement like never before when it came to his food. He enjoyed munching on each piece like it's a gourmet treat. He particularly loved the sunflower seeds and banana chips, then he eats the rest still full of gusto. I will definitely buy this again!

SUPER SHOPPER July 24, 2019

Four Stars


Our pigs enjoy the variety and it's good for them

MIKE DELWARE July 19, 2019

Good Food, Bag Just Opened During Shipment.


Good food, I have bought it before and the bag arrived fine, on the recent shipment the bag had busted open during shipment. It still looked fresh, so I used it, I think it was just packed with something heavy. So maybe be careful what you order with it at the same time.

AMIE July 11, 2019



Great product!

The Pigs Are Very Satisfied Customers!


My piggies just love this food. I mix it 50/50 with the kaytee-supreme-diet basic pellets. There are quite a few "Treats" in this food. Treats being piece of bananas and dehydrated fruits. The whole bag smells like dried fruit (it actually smells really good). It's funny to watch them pick through the basic food to get out their favorite goodies.

KATIE KATE June 12, 2019

My Degu Love It


I use this as degu food. They love it


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