A Legacy of Love: The Brown’s Family Story

Our Story

In the quaint town of Douglassville, PA, where the gentle hum of nature blends with the whispers of history, stands a testament to a legacy that has weathered the tides of time. It’s a story of love—not just for a business, but for the community, the land, and every creature that calls it home. It’s the story of Brown’s Pet and Wild Bird Products, a family-owned beacon of American heritage and small-town pride.


  • 1843: The original grist mill is built.
  • 1871: George Brown purchases the mill, producing livestock feed and flour.
  • 1948: F.M. Brown’s Sons, Inc. is incorporated.
  • 1960s: Harvey Brown begins producing wild bird and companion pet foods.
  • 2003: Marianne Brown becomes President.
  • Present: Sixth generation members join, continuing the legacy.

The Seeds of Legacy (1843-1871)

The story begins in 1843, with the construction of a grist mill that would later become the cornerstone of our legacy. Years passed, and in 1871, a man of vision and grit, George Brown, laid the foundation of what would become a generational saga. He purchased this mill, nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, and began producing farm animal feed and flour. This wasn’t just a business; it was a labor of love, nurtured by the hands that toiled the land.

A Flourishing Future (1871-1948)

George’s dedication was inherited by his seventh son, Franklin M. Brown, a man who not only upheld his father’s values but also expanded the business with acumen and foresight. He diversified, investing in local businesses, ensuring that the roots of the Brown family tree spread wide and deep.

When it was time, Franklin passed the torch to his four sons: Emmett D., Benjamin C., George F., and Morris E. Together, they formed the F.M. Brown’s Sons partnership, later incorporating it in 1948. Each generation was a new chapter, a continuation of a story that was becoming richer with time.

Wings of Change (1960-2003)

Harvey J. Brown, my father, took over the Sinking Spring Feed Mill from Emmett D. Brown in 1960. He witnessed the transformation of farms into suburbs and knew that change was the only constant. He saw the rise of wild bird feeding as a hobby and envisioned a future where the Brown’s mill would nurture not just livestock but the songbirds that filled the skies.

Harvey’s dedication to quality led to a revolutionary five-stage cleaning process. His products became synonymous with purity and effectiveness, attracting songbirds to countless backyards. The expansion into companion pet products was a natural progression, driven by the love and trust of our loyal customers.

Marianne Brown, my sister, stepped into the legacy upon her graduation. She was the first woman to hold an executive position, paving the way for many more to follow. Under her leadership, Brown’s® Pet and Wild Bird Products soared to new heights.

Reinventing Traditions (1990s-Present)

As the world changed, so did we. The rise of national pet-specialty chains posed a new challenge, one that we met with innovation and resilience. Together with Cecil Campbell, we reimagined our product portfolio, infusing it with creativity and global flavors. Quality remained our cornerstone, a promise from our family to yours.

John Harrison and Marcelino Ocasio joined our team, bringing their expertise and passion. We earned our SQF certifications, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Epilogue: A Legacy Continued

Today, we stand proud of our heritage, a family-owned beacon in the companion pet and wild bird food industry. We welcome the sixth generation—Austin Brown Egolf, Brittany Brown, and Lisa Brown—into our fold, each carrying the torch of our mission forward.

As you read our story, know that it’s not just about a business. It’s about a family’s love for their community, their unwavering commitment to quality, and a deep respect for the land and all its creatures. It’s a story of a legacy built on strength, tradition, and integrity—a legacy that we hope will continue for generations to come.