Popular North American Wild Birds – Goldfinch


American Goldfinch – Carduelis tristis


American Goldfinches can be found at the edges of woods, mixed woodlands, roadsides, gardens, parks, open areas with some trees and shrubs, farms, and orchards.

Feeding Habits in the Wild

Goldfinches eat a variety of seeds from trees, weeds, and grasses. They also eat some insects, flower buds and berries while they feed on the ground, weed stalks and foliage. Their winter diet consists of birch and alder seeds, thistle, sunflower, dandelion, ragweed, mullein and goldenrod.

Preferred Feeder Types

Hanging Thistle Feeders.

Species Facts

Goldfinches diet on almost 100% seeds. Goldfinches can hang upside down to feed!

Preferred Food at the Feeder

Nyjer (Thistle Seed), Sunflower Hearts and Chips, Canary Seed, Roasted Peanut Chips, white and German Millet, Rape Seed (Canola), Hemp, Flaxseed, Oil and Stripe Sunflower in Shell, Chopped Nuts, Cracked Corn, Milo, and Wheat.

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