Small Pets, Big Commitments

Small Pets, Big Commitments

New York City Council has banned the sale of guinea pigs. The ban comes after nearly 600 guinea pigs were surrendered to New York City shelters in 2022. This is an increase of almost 25% compared to 2021 and 113% in 2019, respectively. In a recent American Pet Products Association article, “Officials say many families bought guinea pigs from pet stores during the pandemic and are now overwhelmed with taking care of them.”  Sales will be banned if the legislation passes, but guinea pig ownership will still be legal.  Adoptions from rescues and shelters are not restricted.

In the 2020’s lockdown, we found ourselves craving social interaction.  Many of us, in search of companionship, added pets to our households. Unfortunately, with the pandemic easing and most returning to their pre-pandemic lives, the reality of juggling pet ownership with outside jobs and school has been realized.

This news is heartbreaking. You chose to build a relationship with this animal; they rely on you for health and happiness. We understand that circumstances arise where tough decisions must be made: rental homes have strict pet policies, relationships change, and budgets tighten. In such instances, re-homing a pet to a close friend or family member is a far better option than giving them up to a shelter.

More people must realize that small animals like guinea pigs can live a decade or longer with proper care. They are considered great starter pets but are still long-term commitments and deserve the same quality of care, love, and attention that a dog or cat would receive.

Here at Brown’s, we believe pets are part of your family and we want everyone to enjoy a lasting relationship with their pets. We hope that folks take the time necessary to consider all that is involved in caring for guinea pigs before acquiring these cute creatures.

By: The F.M. Brown’s Team

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